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Issue 1: Swampland

Autumn 2021

Dear Moss Puppies,


Welcome to the first issue of Moss Puppy Magazine, a project born out of my love for all things creative and a tiny creature, the Moss Puppy. The original Moss Puppy made herself known to me on the pages of an old sketchbook and has evolved into so much more, her little howls and barks yipping and yapping until I finally listened - thus, Moss Puppy Magazine came to be, and I am so thankful to her for that.


Moss Puppy, of course, lives in a swamp, and I thought it only fitting for our first issue's theme to be dedicated to just that: SWAMPLAND. This is her home, and I hope you enjoy your stay - from prose to poetry to paintings and photography, this issue includes all of the weird, muddy, and messy our minds produce. Don't be afraid to take a swim - we'll show you what's in our swamp if you show us what's in yours.


Stay muddy. Stay mossy.

Much love,

Melissa Martini, EIC

Cover Artwork: "Moss Art" by Linda Hawkins

To purchase a print copy, please click here.

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