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Issue 4: Caged

MPM04 COVER_edited.jpg

spring 2023

Dear readers,


As we all emerge from our cages this Spring, Moss Puppy is excited to share our fourth issue with you. It’s been nearly two years since she first met you all in the Swampland, and she’s so grateful for each and every one of you. She can’t wait for you to see, read, and experience the pieces we’ve selected this season.

For Issue 4: Caged, our contributors crafted absolutely beautiful pieces of poetry, prose, and art that explore what it means to be caged both emotionally and physically, and within literal cages and metaphorical cages. Interviews included in this issue discuss a variety of interpretations of the theme, including chicken coops, Nicolas Cage, batting cages, and animal cages. 

Stay Mossy,

Melissa Martini, EIC


Cover Art: insider by Rae White

Back Cover Art: cages by Luke Tan

To purchase a print copy, please click here.

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