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Issue 6: Slither/Swim

There's something lurking deep in the shadows… Issue 6 of Moss Puppy Magazine explores the

spring 2024


Issue 6 marked a thrilling first for Moss Puppy: our inaugural dual-themed edition, and we thoroughly enjoyed curating every page!

This issue, titled SLITHER/SWIM, dives into the enchanting depths of myth and modernity—from haunting reinterpretations of Medusa's legend to enthralling tales of sirens lurking beyond office windows. Whether your spirit leans towards the scales or the waves, Issue 6 has a story for you.

Notably, SLITHER/SWIM also boasts the largest collection of artwork featured in any of our issues to date, making it a visually stunning journey through poetry, prose, and art.

We invite you to explore and revel in the rich tapestry of narratives and artistic expressions that make up this beautifully crafted issue. Enjoy your dive into the extraordinary!

To purchase a print copy, please click here.

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