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Issue 3: Blades

MPM 03 Cover (1)_edited.jpg


Dear Readers,

After another season of adventuring, this Autumn I am excited to share Moss Puppy Magazine’s third issue, BLADES! Alongside our fanart contest winners, you will also find poetry, prose, and artwork that explores themes ranging from mental health, relationships, family, body image, nature, and more. Whether it’s as a sword, scissor, knife, or lawn, blades are present from start to finish. Blades also features something new for Moss Puppy Magazine - interviews! I connected with a handful of folks to learn about different kinds of blades, such as those used for ice skating and those freshly forged. 

Stay Mossy,

Melissa Martini, Founder & EIC


Cover Art: Waiting for Arthur in Funtown Splashtown USA by Rachel Finney
Back Cover Art: Crossed Grasses by Ruthenium

To purchase a print copy, please click here.

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